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Enjoy a world of entertainment and follow the latest movies, series and matches of Arab and foreign leagues with Tera
Smart screens, Android and iPhone phones, T-box, Mag and Enigma devices, computers and laptops, receivers

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- More than 7000 live channels open and encrypted.
- Different quality for 4K - FHD - HD - SD channels.
- Huge movie library updated daily.
- Giant series library updated daily.
- A complete library of plays and talk shows.
- The content of all platforms is added as soon as possible.
- A complete library of cartoons and anime for children.
Server-exclusive private channel packages.
- The subscription is suitable for all family members and ages
- A team is ready to add any content as per your request.
- After-sales service around the clock.
- Strong servers to prevent any slowdown or interruption.

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Supports All Operating Systems
Supports All Operating Systems
Home And Family Entertainment Just Got Easier
Home And Family Entertainment Just Got Easier
The Quality Of Our Channels Is High
The Quality Of Our Channels Is High